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ABOUT Iso Tech

Iso Tech Group (ITG) has been started its journey in Y2012 domiciled in Bangladesh in the aim of serving many unserved as well high growth potential industry & business sector of the country. Bangladesh,is one of the fastest growing economies which is now consistently growing around 7% per year. In terms of Nominal GDP, it places at 43th economy in the world however in terms of GDP per capita it places at 150th. Iso Tech Group stands here and believes that we require a faster growth than that of current growth level to improve per capita income which is much proper metrics of aggregate wellbeing and development of the country. The Group is enthusiastic to contribute in the economic development of Bangladesh throughout every potential sector of the country by Business & Partnering.

Iso Tech Group has already stepped in Chemical, Power, Gas, F&B, IT, Agro, Hotel, Construction, and Trading Businesses. This group has a plan to setup more diversified business operation across some other sectors like API, Pharmaceuticals, RMG, Shipbuilding, etc. Pursuing its strategy of entering into new business, Iso Tech , by this time, has undertaken detail planning and feasibility study of those potential industry sectors. With expert human capital of more than 200 people at different arena, the Group has become more capable and efficient to undertake and deal with new projects.

Iso Tech is ardent on bringing world renowned companies to invest in Bangladesh through FDI & foreign partnership to build domestic expertise & skills in that reach of global standard where future will enable us self-capable of doing any kind mega projects in the Country.

Iso Tech group fosters good work environment and sound organizational culture. It values the commitment of employees and nurtures continuous effort to human development in line with the organizational needs. Iso Tech believes that its family (Employees & Stakeholders) will achieve the goals they set and will make their vision always spot-on.

Our Mission

Iso Tech Group’s mission is to keep positive contribution in advancement of the nation as well as enrich quality of life of people through responsible application of knowledge, skills and technology. ISO Tech group is committed to the pursuit of excellence though world class products, innovative process and empowered employees to provide the highest level of satisfaction to its customers.

Our Vision

Iso Tech group is being functioned with a keen interest and dedication to preserve the welfare of the communities it serves, as well as its social responsibility to the society.Iso Tech Group has always functioned with a keen interest and dedication to preserve the welfare of the communities it serves.